Easy Breezy tencel dress

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Relaxed fit, v-neck, midi dress with half-sleeves crafted in herbal-dyed Tencel, machine embroidery inspired by summer flowers.

Bringing back the Easy Breezy silhoueete with a V neck - a classic silhouette.The sweet, subtle hue of this dress - what we call cameo brown - is created with all-natural ingredients. To make sure we avoid putting harmful chemicals into our environment, herbal-dyeing was the (natural) solution that utilised the beauty of plants and minerals around us - helping us appreciate and hug nature back.

Fit: Relaxed( Refer to the size chart)

Size worn by the model: Small
Model's height: 5'6.5"
Length: 36''
Cuff: 12.5''
Sleeve Length: 13.5''
Neck depth: 10.5''
Chest: 40''
Shoulder: 15''
FABRIC ORIGIN Texbasket, India
MADE IN New Delhi, India

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