Flower Power mask


Crafted with our own excess fabric stock, this upcycled mask is made in handspun and handwoven organic cotton.

We always strive to craft consciously with green heart, so the fabric for this piece was provided by our artisan handloom partner, WomenWeave, who create it all by hand, no electricity needed. The poppy motif was also hand block printed with azo-free dyes by Bagru Textiles. 

Double layered in a comfortable fit, ethically sourced and then crafted by our threadspeller team.

10% of our mask sales will go entirely into supporting our threadspeller team and our artisan partners further.

SIZE: 8 inches (w) x 5 inches (height)

Care instructions:

- Only hand wash

- Do not bleach or scrub

DISCLAIMER: Not for medical use.

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