A New Year with New Promise

It's a new year, a chance for a fresh start! We hope you came into the new year surrounded by your loved ones and look forward to a year full of possibility and growth.

For our Sui team, we wanted to kick off the year by sharing our own wishes for the coming year. From our own personal goals to our hopes for a greener future, we go into 2020 with renewed purpose and we hope you'll also join us and make your very own green wish!


MAHIMA... I hope to build a stronger green heart community in the coming year, live with a green heart and spread the same to the world.

KAJOL... This year, I want to convince more people to go green in their lives, with their habits, their intentions, actions and more.

PREETI... I wish to continue designing in a sustainable manner as well as encourage my family and friends to choose green in their daily lives.

NANCY... Last year, I started creating and caring for my very own garden, so I hope to continue helping it flourish, add to it and keep growing!

ANUKRITI... I hope that in the next year, we all take steps to make the air in Delhi cleaner. I wish that we all would plant more trees and avoid firecrackers during festival times.

PALLAVI... This year, I would like to try to spend more time in nature, to appreciate it whenever I can and plant more.

SHANTHI... There's still so much more for me to learn about being green, so this year I want to actively teach myself how to make greener choices and change my daily habits.

We can't wait to achieve all of this and more and we would also like to ask you to give it a go too! Just write down a little green wish you can work towards throughout the year and keep it as a reminder. Whether you decide to cut out meat from your diet or avoid single-use plastics, every little act goes a long way.

Happy New Year, we hope it brings you everything you wish for and we can't wait to see you along this journey! 

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