We make clothes with a green heart.

Sui, translated needle in Hindi, is a responsible fashion label. Founded in New Delhi, India, the brand core of Sui is to promote and create awareness on green fashion that is versatile, has a close to minimum impact on the world, looks after it’s workers like family and is relatable. Our goal is to make sustainability fun and accessible and bridge the gap between nature & fashion.

Thoughtful Journey: For us, for you & for our world. Bringing thoughtfulness to all the little things that make us who we are. Why? Because this is what our travels with nature have taught us, and continues to teach us - to savor the journey, the little moments and most importantly our world.

Conscious Clothing: When we become conscious we create a change. This is what our collections will aim at. Each piece will promise a green heart up your sleeve, clothing, will be crafted keeping our earth in mind, and keeping you in mind. Clothing that will always tell a story, reflect the inspiration of its maker and its journey.

About our founder

Mahima Gujral or "brown girl on the run" as she calls her nature loving soul, is the founder of Sui.  Born into a world of elegant dressing, she grew up recognizing the beauty of custom-made clothing, the value of quality fabrics, the craft of embroidery and the essence of building close-knit relationships at every part of your value chain. Bitten by the travel bug at a young age, Mahima has always believed that the best journeys are those closest to nature, those that inspire, energize and fascinate. After learning about the impact of fashion back in 2016, she began a journey of her own into mindful purchasing and conscious living. Every step of the way, she picked up learnings which are now an essential part of Sui. Her goal is to make sustainability more relevant, using fashion, travel and conversation as a medium. 

Our Team

Mohita Gujral, 
Chief Green Mommy

"Being green is more than buying eco. It is unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle."

Mahima Gujral Wadhwa, 
Chief Green Bee & Founder

Sustainable fashion to me is a constant exploration to find ways to do better for our world, improve even if just a little and constantly make with love and care.

Preeti Sinha, 
Head Green Heart Designer

I need more time to design your cloths but with little extra time I can give you ethical fashion.

Kajol Arora, 
Chief Creative Green Bee

Anchal Sharma, 
Marketing Green Bee

Sustainability is one of those terms which is very subjective and everyone has an opinion on. When you start reading about it, you start analyzing everything around.

Nancy Dhamija, 
Youngest Green Bee

Sustainability is fundamental as we won't have a society if we destroy the environment. 
Working in an ethical and responsive environment here at SUI.