A Very Sui Summer

Fashion that is solicitous about humanity and the environment is what we at Sui love to create. Everything we stand for is steeped in the idea that we are slow, fair, and minimalistic, all ingredients in ensuring we benefit our planet.

Summertime itself is about mastering the art of slowing things down. We are otherwise always in a rush and end up sabotaging the quality of the things we do and create. It’s absolutely fine to snooze a bit and let things be. Summer and all its pleasures are at the forefront of our latest collection, Granita. Our Sui summer is saccharine, calm and soothing, it revolves around the idea of exhilaration and the joy that summertime evokes.

Granita is greatly inspired by Italy and its summers. Our founder, Mahima’s first solo trip was to Italy where she, subsequently, also studied, and then there was no turning back. She came back home bearing the most extraordinary gift, the gift of inspiration which she drew from the Italian heritage. Her love for Italy runs deep, and a reflection of the 'Summer Dream Destination' exists in every piece that has been created for Granita.

The collection is named after the lemon iced slushie available all-over southern Italy where lemon groves zigzag between cobbled streets and pastel-coloured villages. Granita is totally refreshing and invigorating, something that could be a bonafide reason to run to Italy. It’s perfect on those uncomfortable summer days when the sun is blazing and all you want is something cool and energizing. More so, the bright and cheery pastel coloured Amalfi villages and the Liguria coasts have also been a vital inspiration in creating the soft, easy-breezy, flowy silhouettes, knotted tops and culottes all sewn with love and sheer cheer.

Having flourished in the Renaissance era, Italy is known for its gorgeous and superabundant architectural achievements, its gastronomical delights, breathtaking scenery and its unsurpassable fashion. These have always been inspiring elements while creating our designs. Unequivocally, Italians are incomparable in terms of how they use and preserve their environment. The use of garden-fresh ingredients in food, the charming seaside villages, the immaculateness and the beauty of nature that takes the breath away is what sets the stage for us to take green steps in order to grow our brand here in India. These values are also what our collection holds firm: honesty and authenticity at all levels.

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