All for sustainable living: Malavika Manay

The simplicity with which she lives her life defines her future goals. For Malavika Manay, who works at Greenr, the adage ‘Better late than never’ could well be her life mantra as she believes in living freely and not hesitate in experimenting with the new and give it a shot for better or worse. All for sustainable living, she breaks some myths for our readers.

Sustainability as the most misused word

“I wouldn't loosely use the word sustainable in my lifestyle,” she is quick to point out. “Sustainability is more about being conscious and aware about how we live on a daily basis -- the food we eat, the meditation we practice, the way we speak to people and the way we love ourselves. No one can be a 100 per cent sustainable. And those who have managed to touch that aspect are living a very different life. It is time consuming method and speaks of being conscious at another level,” she says.

Her experiments with green living

“It began two years ago when I started working at Greenr and with the people who own the space. Both my bosses come from a spiritual way of thinking. Working with them has made a big impact on me,” she says.

“It makes me really emotional to watch myself grow with my work,” she confesses. “I treat the brand like my own and I really cannot define what I do here. Let’s just say I contribute to a little bit of everything,” she says.

On how yoga contributes to mindfulness in her daily life

Malavika makes no secret of her obsession with yoga. A dedicated practitioner, she practices at least 6 days a week. “It’s amazing to see how much yoga opens up another dimension of your body. It’s just beautiful,” she says.

Her lifestyle is fairly simple and uncomplicated. “Honestly, I start my day with lighting an agarbathi or Palo Santo stick and play mantras or Shiva chants. Sometimes, I read a book -- mostly spiritual about chakras or yoga or philosophy about life. I spend a good two hours with myself in the morning. It’s the best luxury I can provide myself,” she shares.

Clean eating is much more than a hot topic

“I don't think most of us even know about what eating consciously means,” she interjects, even as she agrees to it being a hot topic or a fad that is fast catching on.

“As I see it, everything is about finding balance. Balance in the food one prepares,” she explains, adding, “Sometimes having sugar or butter or cream is not bad for the body."

Her five tips to someone starting their journey towards a greener and cleaner lifestyle

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Love yourself.
  • Find Balance.
  • Understand what your body is longing for.
  • It all starts with you. 


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