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"A better system truly comes with us raising our voices, it comes with us caring a little more because we are half of this equation."

Back in November 2019, our founder Mahima had the opportunity to speak to a roomful of curious minds about her journey, sustainability and more. The talk is finally out and we’re excited to share it with all of you.

Read about Mahima’s experience below -----

I’ve always been in awe of the TED and TEDx platform and had hoped that one day I’d get to share my story on it. If I have to be honest, I’d never thought that would be as early as 2019. I say this because even today, 3 years into this journey, I learn everyday. In fact, that’s the beauty of being on a conscious journey, there’s so much to speak about and even more to educate ourselves with. 

I’ve always listened to TED talks to educate myself further on ideas and stories. Whether it was to do with sustainable fashion or to do with my own personal journey, it’s been that one platform that has supported me through this career path. So when I recieved the email in June 2019, I was humbled, a little bit in shock and nervous enough to turn it down because I thought it was too early in my own story. However, after a deep breath and a chat with my husband, I decided to accept the invite and I’m so very grateful that I did.

The theme behind the event was Blindspots - to explore the unexplored, shed a light on the ignored, and to give a thought to that which sits beyond the boundaries of our vision.

And the process itself was well articulated starting with ideating areas of interest which reflected the theme and our personal journeys. I had many thoughts in mind such as:

1.Why the little things matter

2.What I learnt from giving up fast fashion

3.They say changing the way your dress can’t save the world, I say it can

However, as I read further and self reflected I realised that a blindspot that had changed my life was when I learnt to study the journey of an outfit and thereby I began to base my talk on the same 

The experience at Shiv Nadar University was quite amazing, the students and the TEDx team were warm and helpful, and organised the event seamlessly. We all were assigned a particular team member/curator who would help us through the process of prepping for the talk and they were in touch with us through the months we worked on the same. We met all the speakers a day before the event during our rehearsals and received a lovely welcome from the students as well. The students were curious and eager and I was delighted to share what I know with them so they can then have further discussions. It was encouraging and I couldn’t wait to take the stage.

Without further ado, here’s my talk...

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