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"Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better."

- Maya Angelou


Our consciously crafted clothing is on sale this month. Going on sale twice a year is our way of thanking you for going green with us. We want conscious fashion to be accessible for all, experience the beauty of eco-crafted clothes made with little to no impact on the environment.

Sustainable Fashion for the Conscious Woman

Sustainable fashion is a culture, it is more than a one-off purchase or decision. Several statistics show us that consumers have become more conscious and want to be able to choose green options. In more than 90% of consumer packaged goods categories, sustainability-marketed products grew faster than their conventional counterparts. Consumers like to try things firsthand before they invest in it, understanding this sentiment, we offer our outfits at discounted prices. Our ongoing sale gives you a chance to add some eco-friendly outfits to your wardrobe and join our green heart-ers community.

At Sui, we thoughtfully produce clothes in limited quantities, but we're all trying to do our bit to cut down on waste. If you have been eyeing some of our pieces for a while, then this is a great opportunity to make a purchase.

We have taken a stance to create sustainable fashion, and design clothes that are classic and versatile. The outfits are evergreen and do not go out of trend. The silhouettes are relaxed tailored and graceful, made for the Sui woman who believes in shopping for her values. The pieces are also made in the best quality making them durable to last a long time.

Each outfit has a story to tell and will remain your companion for a long time. The outfits can be worn for comfort throughout the day and can be teamed with organic trousers that are easy to mix and match. Our favorites include dresses and gilets that can be worn to brunch or an evening occasion. The clothes have been crafted keeping all seasons in mind, and the fabrics used are extremely breathable and advocate comfort.

Build your minimal wardrobe this season with some of our timeless pieces. Hopefully, with these sales, you'll also have a little extra money in your pocket to donate to a non-profit organization you would like to support.

Here are a few collections and pieces currently on offer:

'Flow' is currently 35% off.

On the left is The Cape top that is crafted in hemp knit, it is also herbal-dyed and embroidered with a lighthouse motif that is directly inspired by Cape Byron located in Byron Bay.

On the right is our By the Dusk dress, also embroidered but with a sunset motif, capturing one of the many tranquil moments we loved so much from our travels to Australia.

'Granita' is 40%.

Here, we wanted to show off our favourite coordinated looks that are perfect to wear together or mix and match with whatever else you'd want. Sporting some of our signature embroideries, we did our best to embody coastal Italian summers through these pieces.

On the left you'll see our Marina top and trousers crafted in hemp denim, on the right is our Vaniglia top and skirt crafted in handspun, handwoven organic cotton.

'You, Me and the Road' is 40% off.

Our 2018 collection represents our love for adventuring and roaming the world with pieces that are classic and comfortable, giving you lots of room to move however you like, wherever you like.

From the left we have our Pebble Beach Vibes gilet crafted in hemp; then our Stay Wild shirt one of our favourite relaxed silhouettes; and last but not least, our Telegraph dress crafted in hemp denim.

'Wildflowers and Weaves' is 40% off.

A collection we hold dear to our hearts is this one that was made entirely with the help of NGO WomenWeave. Both outfits you see here are handspun and handwoven in organic cotton by these skilled women. The NGO themselves are dedicated to providing underprivileged women an ethical workplace to develop, hone and use their skills to support themselves.

Check out The Wild Wefts dress on the left and our Weave Your Wild dress on the right.

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