One for the road

The best part of the travel is the journey itself. The roads you take, the detours you make, the towns you cross, the stops you make and the miles you add, everything about a road trip spells romance.

How many times have you hit the road with no specific destination in mind? Or well, with just an idea of a place you would like to be at? No prior booking or big time planning. When, it’s just been about heading out – for a short break to an off-beat location that could well be a small town in another state with not to many people around. Your perfect unwind and de-clutter space.

The joys of watching towns pass by – small and big. Of fields, changing to village homes, orchards, barren land and sometimes just open spaces with flowers growing wildly along the road; Of livestock grazing in these open spaces; locals watching you whiz past idly, judging where you came from and where you are headed.

That shameless voyeurism – of peeping into people’s home as you pass them by, imaging the lives they must be leading, customs they must be following; looking out at the fields and thinking of the farmer and his crop; rather the women working in the fields and managing homes and even children, as they play with gay abandon. Imagining their circle of love… and life...

And then, there are other perks too. Like, not fretting over the luggage, rather the number of pieces that you may want to carry. There really is nothing more liberating than packing your bags, dumping a few extras in the car and hitting the road. No watching over or extra bother of checking in or lugging it around. Your extra pillows, pairs of shoes, music kit, stack of books and munchies, once stocked in the car, only an arm’s length away when you’d like to pull them out.

Those limitless number of stops that you may want to make, be it to eat, to ease or just to take a picture of some setting. Oh, how many times have you taken a detour via a more scenic road just to extend the drive! The joy of rolling down your window to feel the wind in your hair or sealing in to avoid a dust storm.

And what can be better than to be able to choose the company you want. Even if that company be yourself! Of engaging in conversations in your private space or choosing to indulge in reveries when you want.

How many of your road trips have taken you to desert lands, seaside, plains and the mountains? Or all, at times, giving you the pleasure of watching the transition and change of topography as you drove past… Its endlessness often reminds one of life, where you live by the milestones you cross. Something like what J.R.R Tolkien wrote in The Fellowship of the Ring:

“The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say” 

You must be wondering why we are getting nostalgic over the road trips. At Sui, our road trips have led us to dream. And those dreams have often ended up in our creations. The collections we make are a hangover from some of our amazing journeys that we took on a road to someplace. And we want you to experience some too. Let the road and the free spirit liberate you from within. May you too feel the magic of those sights and sounds -- of lives being lived on roads less travelled…

Till then, wishing you happy road journeys…

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