Our 'Granita' Journey

With our summer season coming to an end, we want to reminisce of all that we experienced on this amazing journey that’s been the creation of ‘Granita’. Italy has been the perfect backdrop for our summer ‘19 edit. It inspired us with its cobbled, quaint streets, colourful villas and sunset vistas, the Italian coasts gave us a simple, sweet message: to embrace the slowness of it all.

Our green founder, Mahima Gujral, looks back at Sui’s ‘Granita’ journey and tells us all about why it has been so special.


What inspired the collection?

My year in Italy and the summer I spent there. It really taught me slowness of a different kind and made me fall in love with the summer. The food, the sea, the colours, the bloom and the places, what is there not to love?

On my trip to Amalfi in 2015 and 2016, I was struck by the colors of Positano, the beauty of Capri, the swims in the sea, the pastas, granita, the iced lemon slushie available all over the country, defined summer for me and the fact that Italy was not about partying hard but really just embracing summer as if it’ll never return.

What new sustainability steps did ‘Granita’ introduce?

It was the first time we introduced herbal dyes into our collection! It was also our first use of recycled fabrics. Our association with WomenWeave grew even stronger with the use of two of their beautiful handmade fabric creations – one of which I found randomly in their defected stock box and fell in love with.

And, of course, this season we focused a lot on storytelling. All the way through the season we moved from summertime to BTS of the creations, to speak about our little green steps and really stressing on issues that are important address. We grew a year old and changed our tagline and really took a step back to see what we mean by being a responsible business. We learnt that our storytelling, our content, and the way we bring it forward speaks a lot for our green mission where we see a world respecting nature and people through fashion!

What are your favourite pieces from the season?

The Maria trousers (top left) – I love the handwoven organic cotton fabric and its embroidery. The Summertime shirt and pants (right) are so casual and versatile, you can wear it anywhere. Finally, our Easy Breezy (Granita edition) dress (bottom left) is a classic.

What is the major lesson Sui learned through creating ‘Granita’?

Learning about herbal dyes, what it means for a business, how it furthers transparency, we started asking more questions about how to create green. We also learnt a lot about our clients and the online process. We looked at what worked for us and what didn’t in the past in order to do better in the future. We hold on strongly to what works and have loved every minute of the process.

More importantly, I also learnt that the people you work with matter so much to the story you create. Their passion in your vision can create magic and that’s what we felt we achieved with 'Granita'. From Ekta agreeing to work with us and directing our shoot, Anubhav creating the images that built our story, Kajol, our creative head, believing in our story and speaking it through art, to everyone else from our Sui team like Anchal, Preeti, Nancy, Tahir and our threadspeller team - we all collectively believe in the magic of creating with a green heart.

So check out ‘Granita now! This summer collection is currently on sale until 4th August so make sure to have a look here and shop slow with us.

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