Speak for the Ocean - A Sui X ReefWatch Collaboration

“With every drop of what you drink, every breath you take - you’re connected to the ocean”
- Sylvia Earle


This World Oceans Day, Sui X ReefWatch pay tribute to the oceans. Join us in creating a ripple! Sui has been working towards a greener future since its inception. We are always seeking to contribute towards a greener earth, and considering that the oceans make up for more than 70% of our planet, it’s conservation is of vital importance to us.

In collaboration with ReefWatch Marine Conservation, we curated conscious t-shirts to bring awareness to the plight of our oceans, using fashion as a positive force. We hope that you too will wear it with pride and be a voice for them and all the life that lives within it.


The oceans have always been close to our hearts and we take inspiration and strength from it. We consider it our duty to protect its future. At Sui, we are always looking for opportunities to spread awareness about nature and take thoughtful steps to bring about change.

In making these steps and continuing our green journey, Sui has been honoured in joining hands with ReefWatch to conserve marine life, and curating t-shirts which are crafted with immense green love. These tees will help ReefWatch raise funds, and for every tee that is purchased, Sui will donate profits to ReefWatch’s Ocean Arts Sundays programAn educational program built for coastal village children in India, to educate them about the fragile ecosystem of their island homes and how to take care of it.

ReefWatch Marine Conservation is a non-profit organization involved in research, education and outreach activities. These include coral reef monitoring in Lakshadweep and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, producing documentary films, organising beach cleanups in Mumbai, SCUBA training for scientists and education programs in schools across the country. The objective of ReefWatch is very simple and effective, the strategy is to first understand the oceans and then use this knowledge to sustain it so that our children and theirs will continue to have access to this source of richness and beauty.



Our Sui X ReefWatch green t-shirts are created with tons of green love and embroidered with motifs inspired by marine life. Crafted in organic cotton produced by our ethical partner 'Aura Herbal'. The motifs are embroidered by our threadspeller, Nawab in Delhi, India. A true labour of love, carrying the message of hope.


According to UN Environment, an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans, threatening ecosystems and hundreds of species living in the oceans. At Sui, we take significant steps to reduce plastic, and consciously use recycled packaging. The packaging which we are using for the tees are compostable bags made from vegetable starch. The tags are also consciously upcycled and created from fabric scraps. 

We consider working in synergy with various organizations to most effectively protect mother nature and in creating a passionate green heart-ers community. By doing our part, we believe we can be the voice for the ocean. Join us in our green heart tees and take a step in making a difference to the way the ocean is protected not only in India/ but all over our world.

Come along and take little green steps to make a big change! Every little bit matters. Let’s pay the mighty oceans a tribute together.

Help save our oceans now and check out our green tees!

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