The Heart and Soul of Granita

Our summer collection, 'Granita', was inspired by our green founder, Mahima's, travels and deep love of the Italian coast. Much of our designs exude the essence of their languid summer days, vividly colourful towns, cobbled streets and blooming flowers.

Here, Mahima tells and shows us a glimpse of the summer soul of 'Granita' and what pieces were created with what beautiful locations in mind.

Italy is known for its glorious summers, where the season of beaches, gelatos and more come alive. I was lucky enough to experience this beautiful time back in 2016, and, as everyone would tell you, it left me spellbound. The Italian summer, is a season of joy, of beauty and of picturesque backdrops everywhere you look.  

I guess I always knew that these memories would become stories to tell and they eventually did with the creation of 'Granita'. Sui’s own inception was rooted in these kinds of moments, and so it was natural that our third collection came along and was curated to be my ode to Italy! There are so many things I love about their summers, but here are a few of my favourites that eventually became a part of our summer edit.

Capri and its classic beauty inspired the motifs on our Dal Palmi jumpsuit and the quote, "You Had Me at Sea", on our Sereno dress.

 Positano inspired the Rosa top, with its picturesque beach views and sailboats.

Lerici and the, less talked about but gorgeous, Ligurian coast inspired the motifs on our Lerici dress and Estate top.

The vivid vistas of Amalfi and Cinque Terre inspired the colours of our collection.

Positano's seaside setting and blooming flora inspired the vivid hues and embroidery used for our Martina dress.

Riomaggiore's seaside town painted in warm, yellow and orange tones inspired pieces like our Dal Porto top.

Sunsets in Manarola – the best ever - specifically inspired the Okhra Orange we use for pieces such as our Del Mare dress. Make it there in time and wait for the magic to happen.

Last, but certainly not least, lemons and granita. The fruit and refreshing iced slushie can be found anywhere in Italy and, of course, inspired the name and the refreshing feeling we wanted to encapsulate in all our summer pieces. You will find lemon motifs on several of our pieces including our Limone and Lemon Skies maxi dresses.

There is nothing like an Italian summer, so if you’re planning to visit this Mediterranean paradise this summer, do not miss out on these beautiful places that will leave you speechless!

And check out our Granita collection that it was inspired by, available here.

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