A quick guide to a green festive season

The festive season has just arrived for Indians all over the world, and with it, we’re all looking to share the joy with all our favourite people.

We have the perfect pieces to accompany you through the season and gift to loved ones as well as a few of our top tips on how you can enjoy the season consciously.

1.For those looking for a statement piece that can flatter any body type, whether it’s for yourself or a special someone, we present our A Summer’s Day dress. This piece is crafted in breezy, comfortable Lyocell, herbal-dyed using natural ingredients by our ethical partner Truetone Ink, and embroidered with delicate summer flower motifs.

Green tip #1: You could consider handcrafting a gift! What’s more special than creating something from the heart to give to your loved one, whether that may be painting something, moulding a flower vase yourself out of clay, or even just writing a heartfelt letter - it may take more time than dropping by a store and picking something up but it certainly will be treasured more than anything that can be  bought.

2.For multiple looks in one, our Sunny Palms tube top is perfect for those who crave a little difference with each wear. The front tie can be worn multiple ways, moreover, the piece is made in hand block printed Lyocell - the printing of which is done by artisan community, Bagru Textiles.

Green tip #2: We urge you to buy your gifts from conscious brands just like us. Whether that may be a homeware item, skincare, clothing etc. make sure that the brand you’re investing in takes their green values seriously.

3.Need a more elegant look? The Summery dress is the one for you. Fitted and crafted in hand block printed Kala cotton (a handwoven fabric provided by our green vendor, Karghewale), it fits like a dream while you proudly wear your green heart on your sleeve.

Green tip #3: Are you having people over? Our number 1 rule is to avoid single-use plastics as much as possible in every sense from decorations to cutlery. Do your best to stick to reusable items that could become a permanent part of your household.

4.Carry the spirit of summer all year long effortlessly in our Green Mango top. The hand block print is inspired by our beloved mango season in India that reminds us fondly of sunny days. This simple top is crafted in Tencel and incredibly versatile.

Green tip #4: Decorate your home with upcycled items. Similarly to our first tip, you could try getting a little artsy with your decorations by making use of what you already have to pretty up various corners - this could be as simple as easy as using a patterned scarf as a tablecloth or using an interesting glass bottle you may have been thinking of throwing away as a flower vase.

5.Our upcycled scarves are a wonderful addition to your wardrobe or home! Use it as a shawl, a hair wrap, or even, as we mentioned in the last tip, a decorative tablecloth. All our accessories are crafted in leftover fabrics from our own production ensuring we minimise our waste.

Green tip #5: Continuing on when thinking about decor, if you are a green thumb yourself, why not bring in your plants for the day/night to help bring a little nature to the party.

6.Our recent SUI X Bare Necessities collaboration introduced two accessories that are perfect for your everyday life. The Everything Fits tote and the Upcycled Foldable Sunshine pouch are gifts that last a lifetime, accompanying you on your daily shopping or little adventures out in the world.

Green tip #6: Don’t forget your three Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle. As you enjoy these moments, do remember to keep to your conscious values by making sure to manage your waste properly, be aware of how much energy/electricity you’re using, and so on. These little things, though they may not seem like much, make a big difference in how much we impact our environment so, always stay green.

7.Another recent collaboration of ours, this one with Green Yatra, helped us introduce the perfect basic tee that also makes a big difference, The Green Yatra t-shirt! With each shirt that is purchased, our friends at the NGO will plant a tree - and you’ll even be sent a certificate to declare it’s been planted.

Green tip #7: Spread that joy to as many as you can and do a little bit of good for your community this season too! Many of us are incredibly lucky to be able to celebrate this season in comfort so why not give a little back to those who may not have as much by choosing to donate. Whether that may be money or clothing to your local NGOs/charities, every little bit helps - and this also makes sure that items like clothing don’t end up polluting our environment or filling up landfills.

We hope this gives you some ideas on how to celebrate green while enjoying this wonderful time. From our SUI team to all of you, we wish you a wonderful festive season and can’t wait to head into it with big smiles.

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