Little Green Tips


This past Diwali, we shared green tips on how to be less wasteful and celebrate keeping the environment in mind. 

We believe these tips also apply to our daily lives and can be used as little steps to a greener tomorrow!

Reuse your waste plastic bottles that will never biodegrade.

Grow a plant in them, they look great.

Make a bird feeder and hang it anywhere.

A recycled stationery box would look perfect and will last the longest.


Recycle the waste paper from your college assignments or even newspapers.

Reuse them to make a paper bag.

Pack products or glass items in them. You can even use them for gift wrapping.

Use it for origami, make beautiful little paper products for kids to play with. 

Reuse those old unwanted CD’s or DVD’s lying in your store. Reuse it and make it into a small side clock. It super easy! Diwali is here you can use them for decorations with diyas. How about a CD coaster? Just place your mug on the top.

Is there an old tee that you are planning to throw?

Reuse it and convert it into your new cloth bag.

The joy of donating is always the best, donate your clothes to the people in need. Too worn out? Well you know what to do. Use it as a duster.

 Let's take be more conscious and give a little piece of our green heart to our beautiful world.

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